REJOICE! The Streets of Kuwait are Finally Safe!

Finally, the people of Kuwait can sleep soundly knowing that their streets are safe once more.

Yes, although hard to believe, the menace is gone, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

All our problems have been solved! The sky is brighter! The birds fuller! The sun shinier!

5 years it took, but finally, today, justice shall be served.


The stickers on my car shall be removed.

Gone shall be the Autobot logo on the back, as will the Lion’s head logo on the right side.


You are all safe now.

For 5 years since I purchased my vehicle I have adorned it with stickers, not pertaining to anything religious or political, but just for the mere idea of making my car different to any other Red Sportage out there.

For 5 years I drove past police cars, was waved through police checkpoints, and renewed my registration 3 times. It is on this day, that officer # ***** in squad car **** decided, at the roundabout near BBS, that my reign of terror must come to an end.

The process though could use a little tweaking; I was pulled over at the roundabout, my licence and registration were confiscated, I was asked to drive ALL THE WAY TO SALMIYA even though Hawally police station was JUST DOWN THE ROAD, by like 200 or 300 meters.

Where incidentally, there happens to be a U-turn that is repeatedly violated ON A DAILY/HOURLY BASIS, right. infront. of. the. police. station.

When I asked what my transgression was, I was told I would be informed at the police station.

This was at 7AM.

By 8:30PM the officer in question makes his triumphant return, with many bedazzled drivers awaiting their fate, their transgressions ranging from parking on the 4th Ring Road to having stickers on their cars.

FYI apparently the name of your car on your side door is considered a sticker and is to be removed as well.

The fine is 5KD. However, you are to relinquish the keys to your vehicle, proceed to Jabriya Police Station on SUNDAY, pay the fine, then proceed to the impound lot in SHUWAIKH, submit a few documents, pay demurrage on your car for taking up valuable space at the impound lot, be told that you missed a document, return to Jabriya to retrieve said document, then go collect your car.

Très amusant.

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