Resurrecting the Laws

Blame it on the oil crunch.

So far, two archaic laws have been brushed up and put into action in the dawn of the New Year; the first one was the law regarding the renewal of passports and the lack of coordination between residency renewal and passport information, which netter KD 5.5 Million from 113,000 violators (link).

the officials said about 90 percent of those who failed to update their passport information in the concerned authority – around 113,000 people – paid fines totaling KD 5.5 million

The second being the law which states that anyone with a sticker on their car is liable for their car to be impounded. (link)

Impounding an entire vehicle, worth a couple of hundred (thousand?) KD, for a measly sticker, worth KD0.250 (at least that is how much I paid for mine coz I brought em from outside Kuwait).

What else does tomorrow have in store? We shall wait and see.

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