Return of the Foot!

After a much extended delay, for as many reasons as you can imagine, the time has come for the Q8FootSoldiers Initiative to take center stage once more.

An absence of a few months has left me feeling lethargic when it comes to lacing up the old pair of shoes and hitting the ground running, but once I went for my trial run, everything was made much clearer. At first I was worried my pace and average speed would have suffered drastically as a result of my prolonged departure, but thanks to the wonderful comparative ability of Sports-Tracker, my fears were unfounded. Average speed is still in the range of 9.6Km/H. I’m hoping to push it to 10+ by year end, god willing.

If I were a therapist, I would definitely recommend a jog around the block as being therapeutic. The healing power of running is beyond understanding, for when your mind is fixed on a single issue whilst you are jogging, you will most definitely come up with a myriad of ways to tackle this conundrum, and by the end of your run, you are lighter than when you begun, in more ways than one.

When I first endeavored to start Q8FootSoldiers it was to get people off their backsides and on their feet, mostly I can see people are enticed by the idea, but have yet to summon the will and determination to get out and get going. No matter, movement is inevitable, we will all get to a point where we HAVE to start jogging.

I for one have already started donning my “fat” t-shirt. An explanation as to what this is exactly will soon follow, suffice to say, I’m closer to the size I used to be before lethargy kicked in.

So ladies and gentlemen, we’re back.

The question is, are you?

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