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Today’s market is tough for all retailers, they have to find new ways to reach their target customers. Those with cash open up shop in every corner of Kuwait, becoming literally a stone’s throw away from their customers.

The more innovative ones however have taken to the web in an effort to give customers the satisfaction of shopping from the comfort of their own home, providing quick and easy payment methods (on delivery, credit card, K-NET etc.) to the shoppers content; there are those with both physical and virtual locations, and one would think that they are in a position to dominate the market. That is far from the truth.

However, there exists a difference between each company, and having tried them all, let’s put the comparison to the web:

undoubtedly the biggest online retailer in Kuwait, has a wide variety of goods, from perfumes to sporting equipment, even to items that cost in the thousands of Dinars. Deals can be found aplenty, and more often than not, the deals are worthwhile.

Ease of order: difficult. sometimes they send you emails with links to unbelievable prices, however when you click them you end up no where, and find out the item was removed.

Payment options: several, however they still charge a few fils extra if you opt to pay by credit card, which is mundane.

Delivery charges: none if you pay in advance; only on COD (cash on delivery) payment. This too was a recent development that was highly attacked by netizens.

Returns: good returns policy, takes time though and do not refund you your money directly in most cases. I only received a refund when an item I purchased was cancelled by seller, however if you have physical custody of the item, they will pick up and credit your account, you can transfer whole KDs to your bank account, rest can be used for your next purchase.

Delivery timing: haphazard. huge drawback is delivery can sometimes be within a day or take several days. If you do not follow up yourself, you will be left in the dark.

Value for money: high, good discounts. However, delivery does not include installation, which could be tedious and could void warranty if installed incorrectly i.e. washing machines.

Overall: 3/5

Ease of order: very.

Payment options: numerous.

Delivery Charges: BIG RIP OFF! Given that there is an Xcite branch in every nook and cranny of Kuwait, more options should be available for pick-up i.e. self pick up etc. However, the website automatically adds 2KD delivery charges to any order, which is a moot point especially if I am buying something that is less than 10KD in value, therefore the delivery charges end up being a substantial percentage of the item!

Delivery timing: due to the above, we refrained from using and instead opted to go to the store ourselves and buy the item.

Value for money: none since delivery charges are so high and no option is available for store pick up, thereby negating a portion of the discount you are meant to receive when buying from the online store.

Overall: 2/5

Ease of order: very.

Payment options: no extra charges for cash on delivery.

Delivery charges: none.

Delivery timing: haphazard. Delayed. Took very long. In addition, the item purchased (32GB SD Card, could be purchased for a full 1.5KD less in Kuwait City, defeating the purpose of purchasing an item on discount).

Value for money: none.

Overall: 2/5 (lose points for terrible pricing, lack of variety and delay in delivery)







Ease of order: extremely!

Payment options: numerous!

Delivery charges: no charges on COD!

Delivery timing: they say within 4 hours, and they mean 4 hours!

We purchased a Garmin GPS Watch, priced at 39KD, much cheaper than other ones at stores therefore you get a good benefit buying online. The driver calls you and comes to your doorstep, and takes no extra charges.

Value for money: very good!

Overall: 5/5

Ease of order: very!

Payment options: do not charge extra for credit card payments. No cash on delivery option.

Delivery charges: 1KD depending on size of order. Some items can be picked up at the store, majority tho can not.

Delivery Timing: hectic however the driver will come to you wherever you are.

With you earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for gifts later; also, if you purchase above a certain limit, you get a free gift, which is nice, even if the gift is small. Plus big orders invoke free delivery.

Value for money: good discounts, especially on console games! other items sold at fraction of price, if they offered store pickup for all their orders, I would place them at a higher ranking.

Overall: 4/5

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