Road Runner Q8 – Living in the Fast Lane

My First self-made word art, Primitive, but hopefully Effective

Teaser revealed.

This is not what you think.

Road Runner Q8 is not a euphemism for speeding whilst driving.

Road Runner Q8 is a name attached to the Q8 Foot Soldiers Initiative. Life in the fast lane, on foot.

I adopted the sport of running as a lifestyle, and have not looked back since.

To any who are driving in the following roads, watch out for the runner in the following streets, always donning a Bandana, the Road Runner of Q8:

Qutaiba Street, Maghreb Express, Third Ring Road, Cairo St, Fahaheel Express, Fourth Ring Road.

Or, simply, have a look at the map below.

Life in the Fast Lane is meant to be lived on foot; so far, my highest speed was 40KM/H, tracked via Sports Tracker.

Where is the fun in simply pressing down on an accelerator to reach high speeds, and worse, what is the point of putting not only your life but the lives of others at risk?

Whats your top speed? Find out, get off the couch, get your running shoes on, get Sports Tracker (free).

For any and all interested in taking up the calling of Q8 Foot Soldiers, get in touch!

Our time is now..

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