Romance 101- How NOT to impress a Girl!

Back in my 3rd year of university, I met an awesome girl. The story goes as follows:

It was the beginning of the Semester, students were abuzzing and the new text books were coming in. I was enjoying the perks of having befriended the guys who distribute the books, and achieving notoriety by giving books to my friends who had purchased them later (receipt numbers etc), it also served to help me make a few new friends in need of my “Wastah”.
One day during my sits with the book guys, I was enjoying a rather, odorous sandwich which, serves to make the breath appalling. It was alright, we were all guys in the room, right?
Wrong. A thing of beauty walks in asking for directions, and she just so happened to be in my year! Coincidence? I think not!
 The guys were trying to explain to her how to get where she wanted to go, so I quickly dumped the sandwich and, chivalrously opted to show her the way *wink*.
(FYI I am addicted to Extra Chewing Gum and always carry it with me wherever I go! It was literally, a life-saver!)
We chatted, we had a few friends in common, she had a job, her parents were divorced, her mom was a flight attendant, her dad lived abroad.
Long story short I walked her to her car, as she had left the keyes with the parking attendant and was worried something might hapen, once we got there she asked if I needed a ride as she was heading over to some place that gave tuitions (I hated tuitions but found myself saying YES!), I didn’t need to go there but I accepted the lift to talk to her more, then legged it home after she left.
We went out a couple of times afterward, study related ofcourse. We spoke sporadically and met a few more times during the first semester of our fourth and final year, I was engaged to someone else, things didnt work out, yadda yadda (long story, might make it into a post later).

After all was said and done, I decided to see how she was doing. I called her up, her mom answered, and I found out she had flunked 🙁 [before anyone jumps to conclusions, we weren’t dating! Just good friends, so it was not my fault! She didn’t even know I had a thing for her. I did introduce myself to her mom tho!]. 

About… 3 years after we graduated I decided to give her a call, when I dialed her number, some dude answered. Normally, I would have hung up but I said, is “so-&-so” there, completely against my better nature. The answer that came next shocked me; it was her younger brother! I had also spoken to him before, so I quickly re-introduced myself and, he gave me her new number. =D *YAY*

So, I called her up, she remembered me.

We were supposed to meet, and I would tell her of my previous infatuation but then, something happened.

Her dad passed away.

We spoke once when she initially told me, and told me that she would want my help, support etc. I was glad, and so willing to! But then, her phone was off the hook.

I tried calling her brother, to see if they needed anything. And her mom answered. (they passed phones upward and downward!)
So I thought, what would be the decent thing to do? To show my mettle? Offer condolences right?

The minute the words escaped my mouth (“I’m sorry for your loss”), I was met with a hysterical (WHO, WHO?!)

My exact reaction; keep in mind I was driving at the time too!

I panicked and hung up the phone, then switched mine off.

Was I played by the daughter? Or did the mother genuinely not know about her ex-husband? He was in another country afterall.

Suffice to say the girl won’t talk to me anymore :S I tried texting her a couple of times after that, when I returned to Kuwait, but to no avail. I had committed an ultimate taboo.

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