Romance 101- How NOT to write Poetry!

 Ok, little fact about me; I’m very romantic @ heart. This started way back in highschool when I moved to the New Environment Setting (clever pun).
It was the year 2000, emotions were high as people rejoiced the fact that the new millenium has set in, and we were all infact intact and the Y2K bug was nothing more than a hoax. People were happy in the streets, much like:

I had my first crush. Aww how sweet you say? No. Not so.

Girl was an intellectual, top grades, top of the class. I was your average smart guy (remember, I was in the top set too). What does a 13 year old do to show he loves someone? He writes poetry. So I did, it was an
epic piece if I do say so myself, the one line I remember vividly is:
When we are unseen,
I treat you like a queen
In reference to the fact that, when I do manage to pry her away from her female entourage, I am very sweet.
So, I had written the epic piece, typed it up at home, saved it onto a floppy disk (there was no USB at the time!), and moved to the school labs to print it out. Little did I know that the printer was on the fritz. So I kept hitting the print button, over, and over, and over.
Still nothing. So I merely moved to another PC lab. Printed the poem, sealed it in an envelope, and gave it to her.
Sweet, right? Happy ending? Hardly.
I was not as tech savvy back then as I am now, I did not know of the term “spooling” which is jargon for queueing documents to be printed. The printer in the first lab was restarted, and guess what? It printed out copy, after copy, after copy, of my poem.
Which, had my name, her name, and my home number eloquently weaved into lovey-dovey words.
And it was found by someone in our year. And I was the only one with my first name in the school. So, I was caught red-handed. Incriminated by myself. Could not plead the Fifth on that one.
Everyone read it.
Is it any wonder she wont accept my friend request on facebook now, 11 years later?
A strange twist of fate also happened, 7 years later, I was engaged to another intellectual, in uni, top of our year, who also happened to share her same first name. Suffice to say, things didnt end well there either! What was that name you ask? No harm in telling, its similar to the title of a song by Plain White T’s, which was spoofed by James@War on youtube as a spoof of Harry Potter.
But thats another tale, for another time 🙂

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