Rugby in Kuwait- Do you have what it takes to be a Scorpion?

Ah, my 100th post! Thank you to all the guys and gals who take the time out of their busy lives to check in on the thoughts of this blogger! You all rock!

It is so much better to get news from bloggers, they are the key to finding out the State of Affairs in the State of Kuwait, on that note, I would like to thank Desert Girl for pointing me towards the Scorpions, a Rugby team in Kuwait!

Growing up here, Rugby was never part of our curriculum (think “Full Contact Sport”) back in highschool, even though the teachers kept regaling us with tales of their endeavors in Rugby, in Kuwait (some also played baseball). So it seemed, serendipitous that I would take interest in this sport later on in life. And taken interest I have indeed!

I have 0 experience playing Rubgy. Yet, the guys there are the best, they take the time to point out the basics, the ins-&-outs, the whole enchilada. It really is about playing the game, no matter how many mistakes you make (plus, the workouts are intense! I’ve already shed an inch off my waist since the beginning of August!). Everyone has congregated over their love for this sport, and are there to generally have a great time, coming from all walks of life, all ages, all are welcome, beginners, rookies and veterans.

So, if you are fit, and willing to take up a new sport, make new friends, and have a great time doing so, look no further, the Scorpions can be your home away from home!

Plus, there are the events they hold, like the one below:

The Scorpions will be hosting a Masquerade Ball on October 7.
All are welcome.
For tickets and inquiries, contact Emma Clement:
Tickets on sale starting Sept
Sept 1- Sept 15 tickets are KD17.500 for members, KD20 non-members
Sept 16- Oct 1 tickets are KD20 for members, KD22.500 for non-members
GET YOUR TICKET in 5 days!

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