Runner’s Will Finds a Way – A Motivational Tale for Runners Everywhere

The Q8FootSoldiers have left their mark on Pakistan!

Those of you that are familiar with the ways of the Q8FootSoldiers will know that it is customary upon any trip to engage in a “scenic” run, in homage to the simple idea that wherever one is in the world, running can be carried along and practiced, with all but the most simple of tools.

I was a bit devastated when I was informed that my “usual running route” of taking off from the hotel to the office and back (as I have done in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Egypt, India etc) would not be feasible due to the current situation in Karachi. Mainly, I would attract undue attention to myself, along with the factthat I would be carrying a phone and an iPod i.e. prime catch for any snatcher.

At first, I accepted this tragedy and set out to complete my runs in the only other way possible – on a treadmill.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Watching television, in a well lit, temperature controlled room, with whir’s and spoken words creating an anticlimactic environment unbefitting of a seasoned street runner.

I could not stomach it, how on God’s green earth is one supposed to go from running free in the great outdoors to being confined to a metallic prison with knobs and levers and buttons etc. all meant to douse the conscious and confuse the spirit.

Then one day, whilst toiling with my troubles by the pool, I spotted two individuals heading for a nondescript corner of the plane – from my vantage point, I could only spy the word “Court” emblazoned across a giant banner.

I followed suit to discover, much to my hearts delight, that there existed another area to the hotel, where a tennis court was nicely situated! My first thought was YAY! I can run in the court, however my spirits were dampened when I viewed a security guard nestled quietly near the exit. He would take one look at me, realize I had no racket, and send me packing.

At first I avoided confrontation, then when my runner’s spirit could be held back no longer, I figured I would attempt to reason with him. No sooner had I walked down towards the gate that he stood up and…

opened it for me, allowing me access to the haven beyond.

And what a sight it was.

A parking lot. Open air. Roughly 600-700M around in circumference.

Gone were the hours I would waste languishing atop the dreaded metallic beast known as the treadmill.

And as you can see, it was truly spectacular.


Granted I must have seemed like a lunatic to those availing the parking lot for its intended purpose, whether they be Policemen giving me a quizzical look (in a country where cell phones are used to detonate explosives, it is not a good idea to pace back and forth staring at your mobile screen in the presence of an officer of the law!) or otherwise.

The Pakistan Pounce, The Karachi Kruise – 10K Run, Ran, Done!

Where there is a runner with a determination, let no obstacle stand in their path!

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