Running Bucket list: Taj down, 6 to go!

It all started when I visited Egypt after resigning from a job I’d had and loved for 3 years. Having spent years upon years visiting home and never checking out the pyramids, I decided to remedy the situation. In fact, I decided to merge my desires and link running with sight-seeing. I came up with an epiphany; visit all 7 wonders of the world and run there, track it via GPS to prove the point.
The pyramids, not being part of the official 7 now (albeit maintaining honorary status as the 8th wonder) were the first, so to speak:

Fast forward to this month, and I find myself on assignment to India of all places! You know what that meant right?

Taj Mahal, congratulations on being the first on my list.

Stay tuned for a detailed write down of the journey, as well as the scenic beauty that is Agra!

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