Running Bucket List – The Wonders of the World Run

Everything in life has purpose. From the bird that chirps in the morning, to the insects that crawl across the branches of surrounding trees.

Goals serve as reminders to find our purpose. The attainment of a goal is in itself a fulfillment of purpose.

Upon a discussion with a friend (she knows who she is), a new purpose began to formulate before my eyes.

A purpose that would tie both my passion and my love of travel together in one neat package. A bucket list of running.

Our world is beautiful, filled with Wonder. What better way to celebrate this beauty than by eloping it with my wonder: running.

The seven wonders were:

These Wonders however were due for an overhaul, as quite a few were no longer standing.

The New list is compromised of the following (thank you Wikipedia):

Wonder Date of construction Location
Great Wall of China Since 7th century BC
Petra c. 100 BC Jordan
Christ the Redeemer Opened October 12, 1931 Brazil
Machu Picchu c. AD 1450 Peru
Chichen Itza c. AD 600 Mexico
Colosseum Completed AD 80 Italy
Taj Mahal Completed c. AD 1648 India
Great Pyramid of Giza (Honorary Candidate) Completed c. 2560 BC Egypt

My idea was as follows, to unite passion with technology and wonder, by using GPS software to track a 10K run at each of the New Wonders of the World, starting with their honorary candidate, the Great Pyramids of Giza, which happen to sit in my own backyard.

The result? Take a look:

This quest shall be extended over the period of my natural life, and shall serve as a reminder that goals, no matter how absurd, are achievable, once you set your mind to them.

One down, 7 to go.

Gotta Run em all.

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