Running into Kuwait’s Fashion Police

The National & Liberation day celebrations have come and gone, and as we all dry ourselves off it is pertinent to recall where and how we celebrated these pivotal days in the history of Kuwait. Most will say they spent it gallivanting up and down the Gulf Road spraying water on anything or anyone that moved.

This however is how me and 2 friends celebrated the day of the 25th, by running 25KM on the Gulf Road, at risk of bewetting:


Running 25KM on February 25th

Every special day deserves a special outfit, and I saw it fit to break out the running costume I’d planned to debut at RunQ8;


The fully functional 'Flash' costume!

Yes ladies and gentlemen; a fully functioning flash costume that serves a proper aid to running – being compression wear.

Now, we were not spared the water fray. On the contrary,  we represented moving targets. However even the police took their turn poking fun at us; it all happened at the intersection of 3rd Ring Road with the Gulf Road, my friend and I were waiting for our other friend to catch up when suddenly we were approached by cops (me specifically) who asked a) what are we doing & b) what was I wearing.

At this point I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I was not the most ridiculously dressed person on the Gulf Road at that time.

The officer paraded me before his friends where I had to try to explain the concept of compression running gear. In the end I understood the cop mistook me for impersonating this character made popular on Melody Hits TV:


I can see the striking resemblance …. it is uncanny. He then asked about the lightning bolt on my chest, and I tried explaining the concept of the Flash, only to end up saying:

I’m Harry Potter.

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