Running like a Ninja Turtle!

Yes its true, TV influences our actions. And that influence is not linked to age or education.

TV has always been a great pass time, and by TV we refer to the act of watching any form of media, whether it be on a physical TV set, or a stream online.

Now, the Ninja Turtles have been a huge influence on Pop culture since their inception in the 80’s. The awesome foursome pleased us with their antics for quite some time, even making it to the big screen with a trilogy.

Heroes in a Half Shell…

The TMNT, as they are known amongst the newer generation, were given a reboot in 2003:

Turtles Count it off!

And finally in 2012, they were reintroduced via Nickelodeon:

Turtle Power!

It is this final incarnation that is most interesting. Here is a small preview:

As you can see, the Turtles assume a rather strange position whilst running across rooftops, with their arms extended out behind them, slightly bent forward, their green bald heads reflecting the moonlight as they look up.

As a runner, this was strange and hence fascinating. Therefore, whilst on my usual running route I decided to try out this Ninja Turtle Method to see whether it helped in its aerodynamics etc. to propel one faster in a forward motion.

Two Words: Crazy Legs.

Also, crazy look. Most people walking around the area at the time were strangely fascinated by the running maniac with his arms behind him as if a kid pretending to be an airplane taking off.

I did learn though that you should not fear public scrutiny whilst doing something that keeps you young at heart.

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