Running Relativity – A Matter of Perspective

From primitive man to modern man, and all in between, running has been a staple in mankind’s activity since the dawn of time.

running evolution

The longest race is History

Suffice to say, in the beginning, I did not fancy running. It was a chore, a punishment, a way for teachers to laze about in the shade as students puffed and panted up and down the track.

It was a spectacle for entire school to witness. At first my strategy was to stick to races such as the novelty/ obstacle race, shying away from the relay/ sprint races as my body at the time was not that of a runner, but rather a chubby child with a fondness for sweets and dessert as opposed to physical exertion.

The most tedious of all punishments had to be the longest race of highschool history – the 1,500M race, or as I referred to it, the death trap. You had to run around the track almost 4 times! Whenever we trained in school, I would roughly time how long it took the slowest kid before me to do it, then I’d run out of the teachers vision, sit my chubby ass down and wait before returning. Worked every time too! Until the teacher decided to follow us.


However, at that time, the very idea of running 1,500M was ludicrous at best. Maybe for lack of trying, or maybe for comparing it to the short burst of a 100M run, I never imagined I would be in shape to run 1,500M.

Now though, I would not lace up my shoes for anything less than 10K.

Correction, I do not lace up my shoes for any run actually, as I have my running shoes pre-tied, and all I have to do is slip my feet into ’em every run. Lazy right?

On every given friday I also run from Hawally to Salmiya and back, around 22K. Lazy right?

To the eyes of a 10 year old, a distance of 1,500M was sheer madness. Not all of them, true. In relativity, it was suicide.

Now, in the eyes of 26 year old, 1,500M is no more than a warm up.

It all depends on perspective.

I jumped from 5K, to 10K, to 21 and beyond.

Have yet to do a 42.

Soon though.


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