RunQ8 is on 29.11.14 – are you Game?

It is almost that time of year again, where the Gulf Road shall be cordoned off from Marina till the 3rd Ring Road, and the raging runners shall take to the streets once more, but not for profit of sports organizations, but the benefit of charitable ones.

RunQ8 was the birthplace of my passion to run in Kuwait, way back in 2010 when the race started at the Scientific Center. 4 years down the line, the race has moved up to Marina and up the ranks of Kuwait’s most anticipated sports events. Think Sports Day in school, but instead of sitting in the stands (lol) you’re hitting the ground running, with strangers cheering you on.


From the horses mouth:

Join RunQ8, where all run proceeds go directly to treat children with disabilities. Our RunQ8 Runners/Joggers/ Walkers made it possible for The Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center to treat children for free. All race registration fees go directly into the Center, not to any commercial entity. Please tell all your friends, if there is one race to run, its RunQ8, where they can have a fun day out, raise awareness about disabled children in need, and directly contribute to the care and well-being of these children just by registering to run. Make your registration fee and your run (or jog, or walk) count towards improving a child’s life. Bring your family for a fun morning in our race village and support our runners.

The Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center is not business-as-usual, but is a non-profit working to improve access to quality healthcare for vulnerable children. The children we treat cannot get specialized pediatric care elsewhere. We work with community partners to make this possible, and our RunQ8 participants make a big contribution each year.

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