RUSH HOUR Kuwait: The Return

Woe is we!! The golden age is coming to an end! Already Facebook is abuzz with teachers sharing horror stories of their red-eye return flights from all across the globe,
congregating on the little desert oasis known as Kuwait. You know what that means.

The working stiffs a.k.a the Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Auditors, Chefs, Accountants, Agents etc. Have been in a state of Euphoria these past few summer months. Have you seen the traffic lately? Or more importantly the lack thereof?


Yes. The morning commute to work has never been easier than these past few months. The little cretins and their wardens the definite cause of backlog and deadlock of traffic. I start work at 8AM, nowadays I am literally leaving my house at 7:50AM and arriving on time (I live in Hawally and drive to Sharq). I wake up at 7:30AM!!

Alas, the dream is now soon to fade as the following 3 words act as harbingers of woe and dismay:


Yes, the streets shall soon return to chaos as flustered parents drive their hooligans, I mean precious little angels, to their holding cells,I mean school on the way to work. Now I will have to wake at 6:30 to leave for work by 7, and remain stuck in traffic for all the minutes in between.

In essence, the return to this:


As you can deduce, the brunt of the traffic problem is caused in large part due to schools being smack dab in the middle of densely populated residential areas. Coupled with some parents (and drivers) aloofness and total lack of discipline and morals, blocking traffic to disembark and acompany their children/wards into the school premises.

And what was the response when the people requested a reduction in number of schools in one of the most densely populated areas (Hawally) with over 15 schools of various curricula housed within it’s already cramped streets?

Simply find out where the new location of The English Academy is.

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