Russel Peters NOT coming to Kuwait @vibrantinco @therealrussellp

*At least not officially*

Social media in Kuwait has been abuzz with the news that Russel Peters, the Red, White & Brown star that gives new meaning to self-deprecating, is coming to Kuwait:

Russel Peters In Kuwait

However, being someone who is skeptical by virtue of my profession, and judging by the amendment on the poster above (which quite frankly does seem a tad tacky even if it is meant to be a gesture of comedy), I took to the internet to check the comedian’s official schedule. Lo and behold:


As you can see, Kuwait is no where to be seen.

A few explanations come to mind, each worse than the next; either that Kuwait has yet to be updated on the official schedule, or that it did not warrant mention on the official tour as it is viewed as a pit stop before UAE.

Now, it seems pertinent to remind people that the organizers are the same as those that promised to bring Black Theama to Kuwait back in June, the event was postponed to August.

Since I got my refund back from the last event, I went ahead and booked tickets for this one as well, but I am not holding my breath.


since the posting of this post, the website has now been amended to show Kuwait dates.

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