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What was initially geared to be a post of shame and embarrassment upon Samsung has instead turned into praise (albeit initial).

It all started when my device (S3) asked to update the firmware. Not being a stranger to update, and thinking it would be a mild tweak,  I conceded. Little did I realise there was nothing small about it it.

As soon as my phone reset upon installation of the update, I realised something was amiss.

Firstly,  the following error kept popping up consistently every few seconds, “unfortunately, clock has stopped working”. Which made no sense as I can see it is working properly and telling time, however my alarms were completely inaccessible.

Next, all my unsynchronized runs from Nike+Running had vanished!

On top of that, all of my personalised contact ring tones were reset to default.
At first I thought the Samsung stock apps (I.e. clock) might need updating too, however the Samsung account had disappeared too.

The Internet was my last resort and sure enough,  the bugs I encountered had been wreaking havoc upon many Samsung-ites world wide – with no solution at hand.

The Samsung website proved to be my salvation as evident by the response received:


So apparently what really happened was that by some freak accident my phone was updated to Android JellyBean 4.3, whilst the region is still on 4.1.2!

We will have more for you as the story unfolds, however if you to have fallen to this, stop using the clock! Go to applications manager and disable any form of clock and nothing else. There is a thread on a forum that asks you to disable storage apps. DO NOT DO THIS!  It will negatively affect the display in the gallery.

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