Sauna Suit Swan Song – The Final Shame

Alas, some things are not meant to last, and sauna suits are no exception to that rule.

The realization that sauna suits are not made for rigorous exercise set in as I was changing into them, and my finger inadvertently poked a hole in both the top and the pants, I shrugged it off and thought, no matter, it will hold as I work out.

I donned the garbage-bag like suit and proceeded to do 40 mins of cycling, after that one hour on the fitness trainer. I had even finally perfected the method of not sweating like a wart-hog, and the answer was simply to roll up your sleeves and have at it.

Upon hitting the changing room for the cool down, I found that finger-sized tear in the sauna pants had grown into a fully fledged rip, rendering them effectively useless. The top now leaks sweat from the back but is still functional.

I have come to the conclusion that sauna suits are NOT exercise material, and are only useful for those looking to shed excess water weight fast =i.e. bodybuilders before a competition or boxers before the weigh in. In the long run, they are utterly USELESS for weight loss and only end up making you feel icky.

Summary – Avoid at all costs.

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