Set your Limits, and then Exceed them

As humans, we are prone to underestimating ourselves, limiting our capabilities, accepting less commendations despite earning them.

How often does the employee who toils in a company from 9~5 believe their work to be capable of being done by any random stranger, given proper training and time? Only to find upon leaving said job that the learning curve dropped drastically, and those once routine works performed by them appear tumultuous tasks to the new employee.

At times, people are content with lower levels of success as it means less work and responsibility on their shoulders, they see it that if one were to unleash their true potential, rise up higher on the corporate ladder, amass greater responsibility, work longer hours and generally be more miserable. This is a common misconception which is an internal roadblock to success and self-enrichment.

In underestimating ourselves, we leave little room for criticism. Just as a compliment can serve to send a person up to cloud no. 9, a criticism can shatter a spirit and will beyond repair.

Whereas if one were to delimit their potential, to accept that they are capable of great feats, of great understanding; sure-fire satisfaction will definitely follow.

Guesses and speculation, fear of the unknown, hesitance toward change, all cumber growth and potential.
Instead of the glass being half empty, it could very well be half full. You never know until you try.
Not failure, but low aim, is a crime.” – James Russell Lowell said that, I say, and thanks to my Anonymous Designer friend for this:

How often do we surprise even ourselves with our knowledge or skills? We are unable to praise ourselves properly for fear of sounding arrogant, but there is a thin line between Arrogance & Confidence. Our modesty prevents us from taking credit where credit is due.

As the lyric go:

I’m not cocky, I’m confident
So when you tell me I’m the best its a compliment – Ja Rule – New York

“Never be afraid to take pride in your accomplishments,” says I.

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