Setting Precedent – Freedom Run to Tahrir Square

This day in age, people can voice their opinion in a myriad of ways. Some go on hunger strikes, some shed their clothes, some bear signs and take to the streets, some blog, others tweet.

And some, like me, run to make a point.

Thursday 14th of July shall mark my return to my homeland, Egypt. I live in Nasr City, Abbas el-Ackad to be exact.
Friday morning, I shall take to the streets, and jog to Tahrir Square. The distance 12~15KM give or take.
This is my way of showing the spirit of the Egyptian people; a testament to our long winded-ness. The wheels of justice may be slow, but they shall move, as clear as I shall move to Tahrir Square.

We each do our part to contribute to the better whole, this is my calling.

I do not do this with any form of sponsorship, this not a socio-economic or political stunt.

This route has not been pre-planned. I run at my own risk, for there are no pedestrian paths for me to follow.

 I am not running to raise money, but awareness. Terry Fox did it for cancer, I will do it for Egypt.

Maybe this will serve to set a precedent, one day, someday soon, this could become an annual event, a walkathon, a charity fund-raiser, for any and all to partake, in commemoration of the determination of the Egyptian people, and in honor of those who fell during the Egyptian Uprising.

I shall track the course via Sports-Tracker and upload it once I am done.

إذا الشـــعبُ يومًــا أراد الحيــاة, فــلا بــدّ أن يســتجيب القــدرْ
If the People Desire to Live, Fate Must Respond Indeed

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