Sheikh Saad Terminal

In the middle of nowhere, if you build it, they will come.

And the planes did come to the Sheikh Saad Terminal. Albeit being only for Wataniya Airways, and being so minute in size it feels overly cozy, the colors implying it may still be under construction.

In terms of amenities, it seems That Es-Salasil (Of The Chains) has monopolised the gift-shops, and Starbucks is there on two floors.
The terminal literally is in the middle of nowhere, however god bless Kuwaiti Road signs as it is extremely easy to find, right off the 55 (Airport Road) just follow the yellow brick road-signs. It is quite a stretch so a little speed is required to traverse the distance.
Due to the fact that it is so far off, people choose to park wherever they want (I would not be surprised if somehow someone ended up parking on the runway), it is quite near to some Military installation, also flight related (quick score of spare parts and R&R for the troops seeing as how Wataniya Airways can go as far as Vienna and Italy), and ofcourse the standard “No Photo” Policy applies.
It is reminiscent of the old Kuwait International Airport (in the 90s), before it was turned into a food-court-come-shopping-mall for the compulsive shoppers and brand-junkies.
FYI Wataniya Airways DOES NOT have a flight schedule that updates in real time online! So, if your friends or loved ones will be delayed, the only way to know is to either a) be there and read the board or b) call up customer services (which isn’t 24 hours I believe) and ask if you are not there yet.
Welcome back to the Stone Age.

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