Sir, This Product is Meant for Ladies… Nasser Sports Strike Again!

Another Embarrassing, yet strangely uplifting situation!

In this crazy, on-the-go world, the toughest task to accomplish is to remain healthy and fit. What with everything that we used to do manually now outsourced to the virtual world, be it something as trivial as lifting up the phone to call for delivery, as well as other menial tasks such as taking out the trash, taking the laundry to the dry-cleaners, washing the car etc. that have been outsourced to others.

Most of all, we live amidst advocates of Generation Z; the lay-Z generation, whose sense of adventure and mischief has been replaced with a thumb smacking adoration for video games.  Gone are the days when groups of children would depart from their collective houses to meet on a sandy pitch for a round of football, or the surrounding area for hide-and-seek. All this is but a thing of the past as the Xbox, the PS3, the WII and other acronym-like consoles have invaded the households, effectively silencing the young generations voice of adventure, and grounding them.

One tries as hard as they can to remain fit in this anti-fit world. With the presence of gymnasiums and offers at competitive rates, it is a simple enough process. Go out, get fit, stay at home, and suffer couch potato syndrome.

If one were to do the math, it strongly favors attempting exercise at home. However, honestly, who has the willpower to get up off the sofa, chair, bed, from in front of the TV, and do any exercise at home? All exercise requires focus, and TV requires focus, hence these two activities cannot be done simultaneously, much to everyone’s chagrin.

Or so I thought, until I was introduced to resistance bands via a fitness website I follow. The concept was simple, the product itself invaluable. It mimics certain weights, and can be used in a myriad of ways, to train a cornucopia of muscles.


The beauty of these wondrous contraptions is that they are virtually weightless, and can be used in any position. Hence, they are excellent for the couch potato.

I decided to head on over to my trusty sports supplier,  Nasser Sports, to search for this miracle product. I thought I would nay find it, however, I was surprised when I did,  right before my eyes on the shelf.  The price was a surprise too, 990fils! The elastics gave resistance (purported) of roughly 10KGs, the same weight of my bulky dumbbells at home.

A short while later, I had the elastics in tow and headed home to try them out, in every way, shape and form imaginable. That first day I must have tried out 4 or 5 different exercises targeting different muscles, and all felt good!

Fast forward to two days from my purchase, and I notice a tear in the elastic, which subsequently lead to the handle tearing coming off.

Sad of heart, I packed up the product and headed back toward Al-Nasser Sports to attempt to claim a refund or return. On the way there, my mind was ablaze with argument and counter-argument, as is normal for anyone attempting a return that is not in the same purchase condition. “Let me speak with your manager”, or “where is your head office” came to mind. The product was broken i.e. will not be sold to anyone, and I wanted a refund or an exchange. I figured it was a long shot, but worst case scenario, if they refused, I would be able to fault them for offering customer disservice, and blog about it to.

After telling my tale to the employee at the returns counter, he called for the manager. Again, I recollected the story as to how the product broke in mid use and almost put my life in peril (joking!).

As I was readying my verbal response to any comeback he may have to offer, his reply caught me by surprise:

“Sir, who was using this product?”

I was taken aback and quickly regained my composure to say, me.

Smirking, He retaliates, “Sir, this product is meant for ladies. As you can see, it’s a woman on the package using it, and the color is even purple”.

It took me a good minute or so to process what I was just told, was I being insulted? I automatically switched to “smile-mode” whilst I processed my next response, which came wittier than I expected. “Well, it doesn’t say this product is for women only, and I see women advertised on sports items for men all the time”, (once I said that, I forgot any and all advertisements I had ever seen up to that point). I also pointed out that the resistance was 10KG, I had not seen a woman pick up a 10KG dumbbell before (a lie, I had seen women at the gym with arms that make me shudder).

He was reviewing the box, and upon not finding anything that specifically links the product to women, didn’t respond further and instead issued me store credit for the 990fils.

I had initially wanted to write a post commending the product itself and recommending it to anyone wishing to get fit, or at least tone their arms etc. once the product broke (due to me being a male) I decided to write about Al-Nasser Sports rejecting my return (after all, it had been only 2 days, what kind of product breaks in 2 days?), and finally, I am now writing to commend Al-Nasser Sports on their customer service. Nay did I hear a complaint from them regarding the return.

 Al-Nasser Sports have customer service down to a cinch.

In the end, I learnt a valuable lesson, pay attention to the package!

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