Sky Pirates

There is nothing Fair about Air Fare!

Tis the holiday season, and all through the country, people are hurrying to ticket counters, and the prices they see make them worry.

For that is the sad, sad truth of air travel. The truest collusive scam since the pyramid scheme.

Allow me to illustrate:

Sky (high) Piracy

It would seem that an unholy collusion exists between employers and airlines – for whenever you wish to travel on a weekend (i.e. therefore starting your actual vacation on Thursday whilst requesting your leave start from Sunday, meaning you get an extra 2 days of holiday – saving your leave balance for rainy days) airlines decide to charge you an arm (and a leg, a chin, a left earlobe and a right nipple), whereas if you go during the week, meaning you lose out on free days (if a weekend occurs during your leave, it is counted as normal working days for some extremely unfair reason).

Airlines operate on a pricing scheme known as Peak Load Pricing – meaning they charge based on when you travel, what time during the day, week etc. Early flights (i.e. meaning you miss a day at work) cost less, evening flights cost more, weekend flights cost more, mid week flights cost less, flying during public holidays costs WAY more etc etc.

To turn the unholy alliance between airlines and employers into a trinity, let’s add another caper to the mix: Airports.

Ever realize how when given a breakdown of ticket cost, the actual fuel/voyage cost is sometimes less than the landing charges at the Point of Destination that skyrocket the price of the ticket? They are referred to as “Airport taxes” and vary from one airport to the next. You would think an airport, who’s entire business is built on the concept of travel, would try to get more people to travel at any given time.

Unfortunately, like taxes, high air fare is inescapable.

The real pirates are not in the seas of Somalia, they are in the skies above us, and pretend to be our friends whilst reaching deeper and deeper into emptying pockets.

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