So this is how pharmacies make money in Kuwait now


Remember the time when pharmacists were noble and honored their professional vows to look out for the health and wellness of their customers/patients?

Back then, pharmacies were also known as apothecaries and pharmacists were chemists and biologists, mixing and concocting medicines for the general public, offering injections etc.

The golden age of medicine is long gone now. Nowadays all people worry about is the bottom line, the profit factor, and the health industry is no different.

Society has become jaded to looking their best without exerting any effort? Want to look younger? Smear some paint on your face instead of living and eating right. Want to perform better with the missus? Pop a pill or two or three or four, instead of exercising. Want to be healthy? Pop some multivitamins, protein shakes,  the works.

And that sad, horrible truth is painfully evident in the following flyer being distributed.

Food supplements, muscle building, cosomtics (not cosmetics, those are knock offs), sex vitamins for men and women, ear and nose ring fixing (didn’t know they broke down and required maintenance) etc etc etc.

The future is bleak.

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