Social Media Gatherings – Viva Know how its Done!

If you are a blogger, there was only one place to be on thursday night, and that was The Kamar Al Marina Tent, Marina Hotel, for Viva’s Social Media Ghabka of 2011.

Amazing Decorations

Truly a night to remember, of laughter and merriment, enjoyment and socialising, rubbing shoulders with the Kuwait blogosphere dwellers.

Like any well planned social event, the Master of Ceremonies (MoC) was a light-hearted, high spirited gentlemen, who actively engaged the entire crowd and kept everyones attention focused on the evenings procession. A key aspect of any social event is prizes, and Viva spared no expense.

The attendees were bedecked and bedazzled in casual wear, as befitting of a social event, and the entire tent was packed to the brim with people, there was not an empty seat in sight; weekends are always a perfect time to get people together for such an event.

The first prize to go was a Motorola Zoom. How do you win you ask? Simple. You just had to have a 5 fils coin on your person at the time. Of all the guests seated in the tent, only one person had a 5 fils coin on them. And to the winner go the spoils, a brand new Motorola Zoom. I hastily checked my wallet in vain, knowing full well I would never find a 5 fils coin there. Take heed all ye out there that mock the worth of a 5 fils coin!

Owner of the 5 Fils, and the subsequent winner of the Motorola Zoom

The second give-away was an iPhone 4- White, to go with dishdashas. However, the MoC decided to make the give-away for women only. The task this time was to go along with a scenario that the MoC describes, and engage as a character in said scenario.

Better Luck Next Time Moody :P!

And finally, the greatest give-away of the evening via raffle was an all expenses paid trip in October to watch Manchester United play. The strangest thing happened tho, most befitting of the Ramadan Spirit; the first winner, ticket no. 492 declined the gift, saying he wasn’t that much of a football fan, a redraw was in order. The second winner, who was chosen to replace the first, also conceded the gift, saying he wasn’t interested in football either. The third winner, no 440, graciously accepted.

So as not to make anyone feel left out, the good people at Viva decided to make everyone a winner this evening, and bestowed upon all guests a gift-bag containing an Ideos X5 Google Android Phone and a Gerg’iean goody bag.

This is how a social media event is planned, organised and executed. Viva is trailblazing, and others should follow suit!

All in all, it was a great night, I had the opportunity to meet plenty of bloggers who’s sites I regularly visit, it is always beneficial to put a name to a face, and the event did just that.

Thank you Viva for allowing this humble blogger to attend such an extravagant event.


Viva's Social Media Ghabka, a Truly praise-worthy event


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