Social Media Kuwait to Protect Women #FindThe5

this is how they left her

this is how they left her


Find the 5 juveniles responsible!

The responses & retweets to my previous post about how my friend was assaulted by 5 men at the 360 parking lot are overwhelming. Thank you to everyone that took the time to read and retweet and show support for my friend.

Our goal however is not reached.

Unfortunately, the people that noted down the licence plate number of the juvenile delinquents car got the wrong number down.

So we are turning to social media to find these monsters.

If you or anyone you know was at 360 Mall yesterday, and was in the parking lot at roughly 8:15-8:45PM (the one near the entrance to the mall parking) and witnessed what happened and caught any of it on camera, as a picture or video, kindly have those pics/ video’s sent to me so that this woman can get her justice, and serve as a reminder to any that we do not live in a lawless land.

Let the power of the people show, please use the hashtag #FindThe5 and circulate it on Twitter till hopefully, one person comes forward with the pictures we need to get these guys to pay for their animalistic behavior.

Update: the following info is now available:

It was a Green Caprice car.

“one was wearing a white jersey with maroon edges. they’re dark colored & had a chubby girl wearing orange with them, another was short and wearing a black t-shirt. another chubby guy in white and navy jersey.”

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