Social Slavery – FU Time – The Truth about Social Media

Not another Social Media Network.., not another Social Media Network… A Social Media Revolution.

People have become hapless Slaves to social media; their waking hours are spent updating status’s and posting pictures to a dozen and more websites, commenting on others, liking posts, +1ing others, watching videos and what not.

Their sleeping hours are spent dreaming of their next status update, their next tweet, their next post.

Social Media has completely taken over our lives, and we are no longer in the drivers seat.

 It is truly unfortunate that people yet do not know how to use Social Media, or the gravity of the information they share on such Networks can entail.

tweet can land you in jail.

A blog post can land you in jail.

A call to arms for rioters to assemble and loot an area on Facebook will DEFINITELY land you in jail.

Stop & UnThink!

It would seem that Social Media is the Precog program that Tom Cruise highlighted in “Minority Report”, we have become so jaded by Social Media we write about our actions before we commit them, or about them whilst doing them. Effectively, living our entire lives on Social Media Networks.

People are now travelling and posting the dates they will leave, the flights they will be on, how long they will be gone for. Effectively sending out an APB to any smart hacker, or trusted friend, who is down on their luck and in need of a quick buck, to ransack their house, whilst they are away, taking picture and writing experiences to be shared later on Social Media.

We post the most intimate details of our lives in the form of pictures on Social Media Networks, unbeknownst to the fact that these pictures can be used as evidence against us, or at the very least can be used to disqualify you from a certain job you are applying for because you appear to be binge drinking at a bar or doing tequila shots off a pink pinata whilst donning a gorilla suit (not hiring material).

People have lost the ability to properly discern through what they post on Social Media, oblivious to the fact of the millions upon millions of crawlers, regulators and overseers that go through these posts on an hourly basis, looking for a hint of a keyword that could mean trouble. And no, this is not a conspiracy theory, this is reality, look up Echelon.

The pictures you post on the beach can be used by others to potentially lure victims to them, or worse, you could find your face plastered on somebody else’s body in an erotic way, or vice versa.

The information you post online is not safe, it can be viewed by anyone who speaks the language of Binary, zero’s and ones.

Social Media is the giant sift that we all fall through, segregating us based on the information we make available, our likes and dislikes, our hobbies and musical tastes, our age and social activities etc. making us easier targets for marketing, and more maniacally, questioning in case some disorder is done in an area around us, and we are somehow linked via a comment we made or a group we joined.

People still do not understand the gravity of privacy and how it is literally meaningless in the world online. It was not long ago that an ethical hacker was posted pictures of people gained from accessing their mediocre privacy settings on Facebook. These files were made available via torrent, for download by everyone. Imagine, your family pictures etc. being viewed by a stranger sitting in a pub halfway across the world. The very thought is disconcerting.

The details of our lives that we post toSocial Media are more often than not sold to advertisers who plague us with incessant ads, despite the disclaimers stating that “We Respect your Privacy“. Worse, those very same details can be used by any tech-savvy person to steal your identity, acquire a credit card in our name, or take out a loan in our name, and sticking us with the consequences.

Wake up.

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