@SouqKuwait in-App purchase rip off

Is Souq.com purposefully deceiving its customers?

All companies fazed by the touch-screen phase must embrace it or face being phased out – OAQ (Original Aymz Quote – Patented!)

However, it rarely is as it appears to be.

At first it sounded like a very impressive marketing scheme to promote the use of the App by Souq.com

Mobile Madness Mondays, 10% off of all purchases made on Monday through the App. sounds great right?

Initially, it took 3 or 4 tries to get the code correct, as the following error message occurred:




So, after wasting time trying to do the order again, then contacting them via their email address (in the morning at 10AM and receiving a response at 3PM) I finally got the coupon code to work.

Now if you follow Souq you will know that since October 22nd they have added a delivery charge of 1KD for all cash-on-delivery orders, thereby forcing their customers to opt for the K-NET payment, fast, hassle-free, and saves you a fils for those pesky 0.999 offers.

So one would believe that being in Kuwait, a K-NET payment option would be available, thereby giving people the opportunity to pay the exact amount. Right?




No K-NET payment on their App.

If you opt to pay COD you pay an extra 1KD, eliminating the benefit of the 10% discount. If you pay via Mastercard, you pay an extra 150Fils. Not a big deal but still reducing the margin of your discount; the discount is effectively 7.69%, thereby deceiving the customer.

Bad form Souq.com, bad form indeed.

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