@SouqKuwait : Worst Customer Service EVER

According to the fundamental laws of business, the customer is always right.

In this electronic age of zeros and ones, companies must be extremely cautious in how they handle customer complaints.  The online universe has become a perfect platform to oust companies that fail to take complaints seriously.

Take for example the largest online vendor in the Arab world; souq.com

I have been purchasing from souq.com on a regular basis as their prices are often incomparable to store prices and they offer great discounts.

My dismay with them started two purchases ago; the same seller coincidentally – dod_q8.

The first purchase was a vehicle scratch remover that did nothing to remove any scratches from my vehicle.

The second and more important one however was this:


At 7KD it was a steal. Little did I realise I would be the one being stolen from.

As per the box received, two items that should be included were missing:


Item#1 - a manual


Item#2 and more important- Ab straps

Both items were not included in delivery, meaning the seller pocketed them or had previously opened all the goods. Moreover, one of the screws required to put the device together was faulty, compromising the integrity and safety of the device.

So, given that I received the item in the evening, I sent a formal complaint via email on Aug 21st. I was then informed via their auto response that I had to submit my complaint thru their website (including order# etc), which I did on that same night.

Fast forward to today and no response has been received or any interest shown from the side of souq.com

Suffice to say this is unacceptable behavior from a company the size of souq.com and it severely affects the possibility of me being a return customer or recommending them to anyone.

Has anyone else purchased the same item and found the same fault with it?

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