Spoilt brat gets “Served” her Just Comeuppance

In a bizarre case that has been dubbed by the media as “the nut rage incident”, a South Korean court on Tuesday ordered that a former Korean Air Lines executive be detained for delaying a flight following an outburst over how she was served Macadamia nuts in a bag instead of in a dish, forcing the plane to turn back to disembark the flight attendant who performed such a “heinous” act. (link)

Ms Cho Hyun-ah (aka Heather Cho), the daughter of Korean Air’s chief executive, is being charged with violating aviation safety law and impeding crew in their duties. She has denied physically assaulting the chief steward, Park Chang-jin, who says she made him kneel and beg for forgiveness before jabbing him with a document folder. She then ordered the plane to go back to the terminal at New York’s JFK airport to offload the attendant, who was fired on the spot before the plane proceeded on its journey. He has since been reinstated.

Now, your first image would be of a 10-year old doing so right? Right?


Here she is, in all her 40 years of “Maturity”:

heather cho


She is the daughter of Korean Air’s CEO, her title was head of the airline’s flight service, till she resigned from that post following this incident.

Had she been from Japan, the only acceptably honorable thing to do would have been Hara Kiri:

There is nothing more soul destroying than the faux sense of entitlement apparent in all those born into power or money. Case in point, Paris Hilton. These delusional saboteurs of humanity elicit nothing but disgust from the general populace, as there is not a single reason that can be given for their insanity.

Can you think of any spoilt brats of your own that you would like to see brought to justice?

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