Spotting Phone Spammers – a Quick how to @ZainKuwait @AlMullaExchange

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who work honestly, and those who honestly are not working.

The latter tend to overshadow the former, and lead to such things as the get-rich quick and pyramid i.e. ponzie schemes.

As the saying goes, a fool and his money are quickly separated, and the easiest way to get a fool to part ways with his money is with the promise of more money.

There is a number in the UAE, I cannot recall it exactly, that calls you in Kuwait and claims to be from Zain, stating that you have won KD 20,000. They then give you a number to call in Kuwait to claim your prize.

This number called my dad, and he asked me to investigate.

To do so, I simply plugged the number into TruCaller, and voila, it was listed as “Scam Kuwait Dubai”.

Apparently what happens is the person will ask you to go to Al Mulla Exchange and transfer an amount to an account as “processing fees”, then you get nothing.

If you ask me, Zain and Al-Mulla should definitely go public and say that they are not affiliated with this scammer, who incidently is using an Ooredoo line.

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