Stow Away Phone – Her Perspective

Let us revisit the events that have transpired so far; a man and a woman are obviously discussing a matter of great importance, we last left off with the woman finally telling the man what he wanted to hear, after his long soliloquy regarding his emotions.

How will he react?

We begin at the very beginning, with how the female character reasoned everything, starting from the drive to her house.


“Pull over here, you know, my neighbors can’t see me in a car with a guy.” She explained as he pulled in to the spot she had pointed to, a block or so from her building.

“Ok. Here we are, was that so bad? Is it something you cannot get used to?” he asked, trying to sound nonchalant and failing, she could feel the emotion laced in his words as he attempted once more to sway her mind.

He’s been asking me about this for the past 2 weeks, how much longer can he keep trying to change my mind, she thought.

“It’s not that it’s just, you know… it’s better this way.” She avoided meeting his eyes as he looked at her, afraid she might push him to a breaking point.

“If you say so. Look, It’s getting late; you best get going before your father wonders where you are.” He spoke coldly. Again she refused to look into his eyes for fear of the pain she would see there.

“Ok, but call me the minute you get home ok?” she asked, out of genuine concern for fear he would not be thinking clearly whilst driving.

“You know I am old enough to drive myself home responsibly thank you very much.” He said, attempting to joke.

“Just do it please? For my sake?” she pleaded.

“Ok.” He surrendered.

She walked towards her house as he pulled out to leave.

In her mind, she was arguing with herself.

It is better this way, she thought. We have an amazing connection going between us. He understands me like no one else, why would we sacrifice that for something that has as equal a chance of failing as succeeding? Friendships are forever, relationships have a bad habit of falling apart. Experience had taught her that.

Today had been so great, he was so attentive to her needs, pulling out her chair before she sat, getting her order for her and refusing to let her pay. He had all the qualities that would make any woman thrilled to find in her significant other, she just wasn’t sure if she wanted to take that decision now, to sacrifice what they have.

Why not, replied an inner part of her psyche. You deserve to be happy, he makes you happy. It is quite simple and you are making it overly complicated, it reasoned.

What if this is just an act? What if this isn’t as special as I am being led to believe? If he could have any girl he wants, why is he choosing me? Will I be setting myself up for another heart break? I cannot accept that.

The characters in her mind continued to have their animated discussion, with her hopelessly lost between them.


Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion to this short story.

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