Stow Away Phone – The Conclusion

Let’s get right to it:


It was her father’s voice that snapped her from her inner mental struggle, as logic and reason faced off against emotion in a heated debate, both arguing viciously to a standstill with no clear winner.

It was her friend, asking her to go back downstairs as she had forgotten her phone with him!

She looked out of her window and saw his car make the U-turn near her building, she quickly rushed through the door and down the stairs.

He had the window open and was leaning across with her phone in his outstretched hand. She could not help but smile at him. I can’t believe he did that she thought. She reached out and lightly grazed his hand. She had to touch him to make sure he was real, and not another character in the drama in her mind. She felt it.

He smiled slightly in return, and drove off once more.

Walking back up to her apartment, she began to wonder if she had been too quick to judge. She decided it was time to take a final decision, to stand with reason or emotion.

In her heart she knew the answer, for that touch had explained it all. Albeit brief and passing, it represented much more to her.

She would tell him how she really felt.

She held her phone tightly in her hand, her only anchor to a world she longed to belong to. Somewhere on the other side, he would reach out to her.

Her phone rang animatedly, his name appearing on her screen. She quickly answered it.

“Hi, you got home already? That was very fast, are you speeding?”

“Yes, I’m home,” he said, “the streets were empty.” Odd, she thought. I can still hear cars in the background, maybe he is parking.

“Thank you so much for bringing me back my phone, I would have hated not having it, I have a very important call I need to make,” she told him.

“You are most welcome, I am at your service,” he replied.

“I have something I must tell you.” they both said in unison.

They laughed. “It’s really important,” she said.

“So is mine!” He replied.

“Well I’m a girl and the rule is ladies first, so listen.” She teased, giggling as she spoke.

“Fine, go ahead, I’m listening, what’s on your mind?” he said, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

A few moments of silence passed by, before she replied, “you.”

“What?” he blurted out.

She could feel her chest heaving as she struggled to keep calm.

“Hello?” he asked, concern in his voice.

Silence… then she whispered, “…. I love you.”

She waited, anxiously and eagerly anticipating his response, afraid he could hear how hard her heart was beating over the phone, sense the vice like grip she had over the device, pressing it harder to her ear for fear of missing out any crucial word he might utter shortly.

Seconds passed, what felt like an eternity to her, time losing meaning as she waited to hear the words that could possibly shape the rest of her life.

Say something. Please say something; she pleaded silently, as forlorn thoughts started to creep their way into her mind. What if I was too late? What if he doesn’t feel the same way anymore? Is it possible his feelings changed over the short course of his drive back to his house? What have I done?

She waited.

The sound of his voice snapped her out of her abyss.

“… I …” he stammered.

And then she heard it.

The loud, shriek of car horns. The squeal of rubber tires sliding on unforgiving roads unable to come to a complete stop. The cacophony of shattering glass. The deafening thud as metal crashed into metal in a final, bone-crushing embrace.

And then he spoke no more.

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