Stow Away Phone – The Continuation

Halfway down the road he had come to the decision that although she chose to negate how he felt, he could no longer participate in this charade of a friendship, after the curtain had been lifted and emotions aired. He reached for his phone to call her, dialed the all too familiar number, and for a minute felt as though he was right there beside her, hearing her phone ring, singing along with the ringtone, gazing upon her one last time. And then a car horn sounded, drivers yelled, and the phone continued to ring.

Strange. The ringing was coming from within the car! Banishing the first thoughts of her stowing away in the back seat unbeknownst to him, he reached beneath the driver’s seat and, lo and behold, retrieved her ringing phone.

What to do? He cannot call her home for risk of someone else picking up. His only option was to call a friend of hers who would call her at home and ask her to come downstairs.

He took the nearest U-turn and headed back up to her building, parking the car right in front.

She ran down the stairs, cheeks flushed red from embarrassment. Given the public environment no words were spoken, it was a quick drop off, a simple, casual meeting of two friends. Anyone could see that, anyone except them.

She reached over for her phone, their hands lightly touched and then she smiled, and he was taken away by how amazing she looked. For a microsecond, he forgot the events of the day. And then it all came rushing back.

He smiled in return and left once again.

Many thoughts flew through his mind on the drive back, lost in his own world, oblivious to the cars outside. He was on autopilot, his hands steered whilst his eyes stared blankly at the road ahead, his mind elsewhere.

This cannot work, he thought. We cannot continue to be friends after everything I told her. Things change, rarely do they stay the same, and on this occasion, it would be best to just go our separate ways.

Making his final decision, he reached for his phone once more to call her. As the phone rang he went over his speech in his mind, preparing counterarguments for anything she might be likely to say.

“Hi, you got home already? That was very fast, are you speeding?” she asked the minute she answered the phone.

“Yes, I’m home,” he lied, “the streets were empty.” They were, to some extent, with cars zooming on either side. He closed the window to drown out their noise.

“Thank you so much for bringing me back my phone, I would have hated not having it, I have a very important call I need to make,” she told him.

“You are most welcome, I am at your service,” he replied with mock sincerity.

“I have something I must tell you.” they both said in unison.

They laughed. “It’s really important,” she said.

“So is mine!” He replied.

“Well I’m a girl and the rule is ladies first, so listen.” She teased, giggling as she spoke.

Why are you making this harder? He thought. “Fine, go ahead, I’m listening, what’s on your mind?”

A few moments of silence passed by, before she replied, “you.”

“What?” he choked, did he hear her correctly? The sound of the horns around him grew louder and he strained to hear her. He was sure he heard her correctly.

He could hear her breathing on the other side, unaware of what to say, he simply went with, “hello?”

Silence… then she whispered, “…. I love you.”


What will he say? How will she react?

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story as seen through her eyes.

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