Strange incident with Salary Deposit in Kuwait University

An employee at Kuwait University had 4-times her salary deposited by mistake, and refuses to return it..

 Now, as a former Accountant, I had encountered an eerily similar incident, albeit intentional and not accidental. It was something to do with the Shu’oun requiring all employees to have received their salaries via bank transfer. A few of the employees, myself included, who were recent additions to the work-force, had instead received cash salaries. Cash salaries, according to the Shu’oun, were now illegal, as there is no paper trail for the government to follow.
The Shu’oun was asking for 2 month salary transfers for the new employees, so the idea was thought up to just transfer the money now to these accounts, twice, and ask the employees to withdraw the money and return it.
Simple, right? I had called up ALL the employees and informed them of what would happen, and what they were expected to do, and the understood, or so they told me.
So imagine my surprise, after OKing the 2 month salary transfer to their accounts, and then having to call them all again to remind them to come in, to find out that the majority of them had remitted the money to their home country already, thinking it was an “accounting error” and that they got raises.
The company’s stance on this; they held their salary for the next two months, paying them only their overtime (they were laborers).
The story as the Arab Times reported (link)
KU staffer refuses to return cash put in her account ‘It is dept’s mistake, they should face it’

 KUWAIT CITY, Aug 28: Due to negligence of both the Administrative and Financial Aff-airs Departments of the Kuwait University, an employee is said to have received more than KD 3,000 added in her salary, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The employee was surprised when she found KD 4,000 in her bank account and when she checked with the bank she was informed the money was deposited by the Kuwait University and the employee thought it was a rise in her salary, which was approximately KD 1,000.

When the employee wanted to make sure if there was an increase in her salary she discovered it was a mistake. The employee insists on not returning the money saying the person who committed the mistake should learn a lesson.

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