Support Children’s Rehabilitation in Kuwait


All people are created equal in the eyes of God. However some are tried and tested differently than others. The very things you take for granted, such as the ability to walk, to get out of bed, to speak, to see, to hear etc. May be what some wish, hope and dream for.

How can one give hope to the hopeless and help dreamers achieve their hearts desire?

Through charity; and what better charity than the Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute:


Their Director of Operations would like to let you know that last year’s runners’ registration fees are being utilized to provide one year of comprehensive care currently to a child who has sustained severe injuries as a result of a traffic accident. Without your contributions last year, this child would have been unable to access the care


This November 2nd RunQ8 returns to the streets of Salmiya. Bring your friends, your wives,  your children, your pets, your bicycles, your skates. Everything. It will be an amazing morning.

For more information and to register please click on the following link.

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