Surviving the Romanian Gulag (aka BootCamp) in Kuwait

Do you have what it takes?

The path towards fitness is littered with the bones of those who tried and failed to maintain the level of dedication required. Little did you know that most of those bones are there as a direct result of the machinations of one sinister individual; The Butcher of Bucharest (on twitter).

Some know him as Cris, mild mannered marketeer and sports enthusiast.

Very few are aware that he is Ex-Romanian special forces, that his fingers are registered weapons in over 30 countries, that there are international warrants out for his arrest, that behind that warm, fatherly smile he has already thought of 20 different ways to bring the pain to you.

Mild mannered he may be, and that life may be far behind him, but twice a week, every Sunday and Wednesday, at the strike of 9PM at Marina Crescent, right beside the inflatable slides on the beach, the butcher returns.

He can trace his origins back to Vlad the Impaler, and suspiciously enough happens to live within 100 yards of a blood bank, now you know the secret behind his boyish youthful looks.

It is a simple form of torture that is dished out with reckless abandon by the Butcher of Bucharest, stimulated muscle confusion and exhaustion.


behold the evil in the Butcher’s eyes (right) and the confused look on his victim (left)

He will break you physically, with burpees, push ups, squats, sprints, sit ups etc.

He will demolish you mentally with taunts and jeers the likes of, “my grandmother can do better than that”, “you call yourself a man”, “stop crying”, “go change your pants”.

He will turn you all against each other in bizarre acts of torture where the participants are forced to slap each other senseless, tug at each other like madmen and attempt to roll one another onto the sand.

He will have you lie down and attempt to escape by working together afterward.

Do you have what it takes to withstand the grueling onslaught of the Butcher of Bucharest?

You need only visit this (link) to BOOTCAMP KUWAIT’s facebook page.


Everything we have said so far is a JOKE – Cris is one of the nicest people I have ever met, he is truly an inspiration and a shining bacon (mmmmm Bacon…) I mean BEACON of hope that even if you are married with two wonderful, lovely daughters, you can still make time for exercise – running, cycling and bootcamping. So to all parents that complain they do not have time, I laugh in your face (haha).

Bootcamp Kuwait has passed the torch to Cris to continue the legacy of the Army Drill Sergeant Dobson.

So do yourself a favor, come for one session, it is held twice a week, sundays and wednesdays at 9PM.



The look of satisfaction is Priceless and can be yours as well

Come to BOOTCAMP Kuwait, you shall NOT regret it.

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