Sweeping Kuwait by Storm @KuwaitBlogsSuck

Think Gossip Girl, Khaleeji Style!

Who is she? That’s one secret she’ll never tell

One month ago, on  this very day, the blogging scene in Kuwait was shaken to its very core.

The epicenter of this cataclysmic vibration? None other than KuwaitBlogsSuck (link) or (@KuwaitBlogsSuck)

Whereas the majority of blogs are touchy-feely, wishy-washy, namby-pamby and cater to the masses as opposed to staying true to the essence of blogging, this blog is entirely different. It takes the fight straight to those who offend the delicate balance that is the blogosphere.

In essence, this 19-year old lass is going by what I said almost a year ago (September 13, 2011 to be exact) right here in that we need an Original Content Blogging Initiative whereby bloggers would focus on writing about their lives as opposed to merely reposting videos off of Youtube or prostituting their name to a brand that lines their pockets with advertising revenue.

So, the blogosphere now has an auditor, an anti-hero if you will, with the sole purpose of policing the posts, pointing out the puns, and establishing a semblance of order in this crazy world we call the Kuwait Blogosphere.

Now it is time for everyone to wonder, did I plagiarize? Will I be next?

Although, a word of advice to our English Major Femme Fatale: something I learnt in Business School – there is no such thing as bad publicity.

It is quite enjoyable to read a post that sticks to its nature and is primarily composed of almost perfect English (sorry lass, your dear readers contain quite a few Grammar Nazi’s).

Also, another piece of advice. Do not lose momentum going forward! Everything that is new and brazen has a habit of shining for a brief period of time, then fading into obscurity – case-in-point, who remembers KuwaitExposed (link)?


The blog boasts 450 new readers a day! Testament to the age old adage of “Controversy Creates Cash“.

In terms of worth, the site is currently worth $6,811, and can possibly generate $9 of ad revenue a day.

(been blogging for a month and worth that much, some have been at it for a year and can barely make end’s meet! *not jealous**not jealous*)

These statistics are courtesy of Siteworthchecker.com

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