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JoN Sliders – Bringing the #nojunk Taste to K-Town

At the turn of the 21st century, it has become extremely important for mankind to be wary of what they put in their mouths, with the advent of synthetic foods and flavors.

That however, is no longer a concern with the arrival of JoN Sliders in Kuwait! A brand with no junk (figuratively and literally), JoN Sliders has perfected the slider taste in a process that raises the bar when it comes to natural and tasty.

JoN Sliders uses premium ingredients with Michelin stars chef’s techniques, these special techniques keep the patty fresh & the buns softer, which is culminated in the “love at first bite” of their awesome ensemble!

Last thursday, JoN Sliders treated us to a sample of their delectable delights, they arrived on time (just in time with the rumbling of our stomachs):

What happened next was a euphoria of exquisite tastes, followed by arguments over who gets the first bite. Of everything we tried, here is the scoop of our thoughts:


Cornflakes chicken: a bold endeavor, too little chicken for our tastes, the initial intrigue was offset by the absence of spices. However, coupled with the infamous BBQ-sauce allows for reconsideration.

Fiery fries: perfect mixture of fries and sauce. Will leave you gasping for refreshments (that thankfully came in the form of delicious milkshakes!)

Cheese fries: more fries than cheese, needs a balance.

Chicken sliders:

The chicken was juicy and fulfilling, to perfection, without the oily aftertaste. The crispy chicken boasted a straight up taste, no frills.

Buffalo: charges out of the box and straight into your senses.

Beef sliders:

Modern: at first glance, the pickles strike you as jalapenos, which leave you chewing carefully, however you are left pleasantly surprised.

Swiss Mushroom: light, no oil. Feels like you can keep eating one after the other.

Vintage: classic taste, touches the nostalgic buds on your tongue. The sweet relish almost puts gel in your hair and a leather jacket over your shoulders.

Maple crumble: FAN FAVORITE! Finally someone understands the concept of less-is-more when it comes to beef bacon on sliders/ burgers! Slapping a slab of beef bacon, although visually pleasing, leaves the eater unfulfilled as the entire strip comes off after the first bite. Here however, the beef bacon is shredded, ensuring enjoyment in every bite!

Vanilla – you can never go wrong with this classic!
Mocha – kid yourself into thinking there is enough caffeine here to keep you going and finish the rest of the food!
Chocolate – need we say more?
Peanut Butter – all time favorite! Feels like a post-workout smoothie!


Here is a look in full at their awesome, awesome menu:

Beef Sliders
Modern: A taste for the new generation – with the signature JoN sauce!

Vintage: Back from the 60’s
Cheeseburger: Chef’s favorite!

Mushroom: Mushrooms having a party – Beef Slider With A Creamy And Rich Mushroom Sauce.
Maple Crumble: Exotic Roller Coaster ride – Beef Patty Topped With Lettuce, Maple Dijon Sauce And Beef Crumble.

Chicken Sliders
Crispy Chicken: The Crowd’s Favorite. Coarsely Breaded Chicken Breast Patty With Lettuce And Creamy Sauce. The Patty Is The Hero Of This Dish.

Spicy Chicken: Volcano in a Chicken
Buffalo: True American. Feel The Punch! A Crispy Chicken Breast Patty Topped With Spicy Buffalo Sauce.
Fromage: For Cheese lovers. ‘Au Bon Fromage’ The Right Cheese. Crispy Chicken Patty With A Swiss And American Cheese Sauce.

Chicken Cornflakes: Crunch Madness. Crunchy Chicken Wafers. The Perfect Snack Companion To Any Slider.

Fire Fries: Fries on Fire.

Double Cheese Fries: Two Layers of Cheese

Shakes: Shots of Awesome
★ Vanilla
★ Mocha
★ Chocolate
★ Peanut Butter


The one thing you will NOT find on their menu, as they see no need to advertise it yet we feel it MUST be mentioned, is the awesome, thick, delicious BBQ sauce they add for dipping. Words cannot begin to describe the awesomeness of this sauce, from whence mankind derived the term awesomesauce; so rich in flavor it felt as though it contained dinosaur remains inside (you know like the tar pits?). So thick I initially thought it was a form of dessert!

JoN Sliders can be ordered through Talabat (link), Jeebley & Carriage and can be found on instagram @jonslidersme

Bombs on the roadside of #Kuwait 

Scattered across the roadsides of Kuwait, up and down the main streets all the way to the city, you will find the following strange looking piles.

Now granted, they’re not actually bombs, but they may as well be. Think of it, someone leaves several strange items all over kuwait, and no one even checks to see?

They might be building materials, but why are they stored so haphazardly?
UPDATE: pursuant to a random message received from KOC, a body i have no connection with yet they seem to have my number handy, the ominous items are scanning for oil.

Thank you Yousef Al-Shatti!

Race track coming soon to Kuwait?


According to Alqabas, the Municipality has approved the building of a vehicular race track over an area of 2.6 million square meters in Arifjan.

No details yet on when and why.

Most Connected Gulf Country in terms of flights is…

We here in Kuwait are hot off holiday season, for those that remained and got soaked, we salute you.

But when it comes to travelling, which country fares best in terms of DIRECT flights out? i.e. which country in the Gulf is connected to the most countries around the world via their airport?

Here is the list we compiled based on Wikipedia reports. The more important number is Destination Countries (2nd column) because some airlines fly internal flights to local destinations (cities) such as Saudi Arabia:

Most Connected gulf Country

As you can see, Qatar tops the list.

We need whatever growth hormone was administered to Qatar Airport, as it has undergone HUGE changes since I was there last in 2012.

Kuwait Airways connects Kuwait to 24 countries.

The reason behind this analysis is, when travelling from Kuwait you need to factor in transit time, whereas from the countries of these respective airlines, the flights are direct, so transit time is minimized.

Sure would be great if Kuwait can top this list.

Sustainable Youth Kuwait Community 5KM Team Run Review

At first people were skeptical, how could this event be free? What was the catch? Are the medals for everyone or just the top 3? Last 3? What is going on here?!

Yesterday marked the first time I ever took part with a group to organize a race, under the banner of Sustainable Youth.

Sustainable Youth is meant to highlight the fact that our own youth is in our hands; by living a life of activity, we can remain forever young. And that is what was most prevalent yesterday; looking around the participants, seeing happy faces, young and old, veteran runners and newbies, all united in their quest to have a great time.

Our goal was simple; the race would not be won by the first person crossing the finish line, rather by the last. For each participant crossing the finish line earned their team points, if teams were unequally distributed in terms of numbers, the age-old mathematical trick of cross-multiplication helped to level the playing field.

#SYQ8 #4forfitness #raiseawareness #Kuwait #healthy #physical #active #sports #Fitness #exercise #foreverfitq8 #freefitness #Running #Mindovermatter #yourhealthmatters #healthyq8 #tiretodaybettertomorrow #buildothersup #4awareness #4teams4health

Team GreenIsMean! 

As an organizer, I was proud of the event we put together on such short notice, we had around 4 weeks from the time our project was approved by En.v to the time we had to implement the event, at that time I had managed to get 50 people to sign up and be interested in the event, of course it was no walk in the park from there.

Registrations, confirmations, cancellations, requested affiliations, suffice to say I lost a few friends along the way, but I ended up making MORE FRIENDS than i’d lost, so all-in-all, it was quite rewarding.

#SYQ8 #4forfitness #raiseawareness #Kuwait #healthy #physical #active #sports #Fitness #exercise #foreverfitq8 #freefitness #Running #Mindovermatter #yourhealthmatters #healthyq8 #tiretodaybettertomorrow #buildothersup #4awareness #4teams4health

The Yellow Sparows! (gentleman in the top right was a last second addition, who drove by after the race had started, got out of his car, asked to be signed up, got back in his car, drove to park it, then ran the race and to the finish line – which is as you recall, THE ORIGINAL STORY BEHIND OUR VIDEO!”

The email we had made for the event had a problem; Google refused to let us send out bulk BCC emails, so I had to rely on my personal email for that, with around 14 different threads and 100 conversations or so.

Participants: We had 112 participants show up, out of a total of 156 we had heard back from. 72% attendance.

Food: in excess.

Giveaways: plenty remained, everyone was accommodated.

On race-day some people showed up that were neither registered or waiting list, we took them in as well.

We recruited the registered runners to help us out behind the table, special mention goes to everyone that stepped up and helped make this event a success.

It has been referred to as the M&M’s run, and the Skittles run. And we love the names!

The first four to cross the finish line, surprisingly, were one from each of the 4 teams! Red finished first, however as we said from the beginning, it was never about who finishes first, but this just goes to prove how equally the teams were distributed!

Now, I must step outside my role as organizer and critique the run I organized, as I have made a reputation of doing:


1- Demarcations were not clear

When I arrived at 7:30AM that day, I had one mission in addition to organizing, demarcating the path – I’d printed papers to stick up along the path, to make the race a series of 500M runs. The day was very windy and the papers were quite flimsy. After I got to Salwa Al-Sabah hall and turned around (2KM & 3KM markers) I was putting up the before last marker (4KM, at the Sultan Al Jazeera area) when security showed up. Now security along the path belong to Marina, and we’re hosting the event at the Scientific Center ON Marina’s walking path. So of course they required authorizations, paperwork, approvals etc. Which we did not have from Marina. Fortunately, they let it slide and even gave me a ride for 500M in their electric car.

(props to @thescarletzeaster for being my executive manager and handling all phone calls as I went for a run!)

2- The start line was chaotic

We apologize profusely to Tami590 for her injury, which was as a result of OUR oversight, in that the start line was LONG, and the two poles in the middle were unseen by the people in the back as they began their run, so we sincerely apologize for that oversight.

3- No music

Planning the event on a frugal budget and having our mind focused entirely on the run made us miss entertainment, however we sincerely hope that the antics of @mradamantine made up for it!

4- Finish line banner placed on floor

Runners favorite moment is running through the finish line, however the one we had made was quite heavy, and was presenting a challenge both hold up and run through, so we decided to put it on the ground and have people run over it instead.

IMG-20160213-WA0038 (1)

Team Red Rage!

5- Everyone was running back

Initially we had communicated to our participants that only captains and co-captains would run back, however, when we saw that everyone was motivating everyone to run back, and that we had plenty of eyes at the finish line to tell us who had crossed before and who hadn’t to ensure no extra points were given by mistake, we decided to allow the people to motivate everyone!

What was beyond amazing was how everyone rose to the opportunity and motivated their team, not just caps & co-caps.

6- No ambulance

We contacted the MOH, they approved our request, an ambulance WAS supposed to come, however, nothing. We also contacted the MOI and got police approval, as well as the governor of Hawally to gather a crowd together, and yet no police came.


1- as far as first events go, this was not that bad!

2- we reached out goal of motivating people to motivate others, which was something one of the mentors at En.v was skeptical we would achieve. I remember clearly he kept saying, you are assuming. What he failed to realize however was that in my core, I am a runner, and I KNOW how runners are. We’re the people who are over-eager and always happy to help strangers, we give advice when needed and remain silent when needed. We show support by running shoulder to shoulder with strangers and motivating them to reach their potential.

3- M&M’s and Skittles, the shirts were mutli-colored, the people were as different as you could imagine. Older, younger, faster, slower, smaller, bigger – but it wasn’t in how different we all were, as opposed to reflective we were of each other’s spirit – that of sustainable youth. Running is one sport where you can be as competitive as you want or as friendly as you want, there are two extremely and a million places in between where you can land.

4- Everyone was happy, no one was competitive, everyone was co-operative. Your individual finishing time did not matter, what mattered was your team’s collective finishing points, and guess what? we had points going up to 55 minutes, but EVERYONE was done by about 48 minutes, which is no small feat!

5- the t-shirts came out looking awesome, the logo was awesome, the medals were awesome, the trophies were awesome, the recipients who were captains were flabbergasted (especially our most influential runner who was not even paying attention to the guy on the mic as he sang him praise!).

What happens now?

If you think this is the end, you’re thoroughly mistaken. I saw the amount of fun people had, and save for one individual who had something negative to say about the race, we aim to ensure everyone is this happy again.

Our first time was free as it was completely funded by En.v, we plan to see where we can go from here, knowing full well the pricing of standard races in Kuwait.

The hope now is to find a sponsor willing to put their name on this project and write it off under Corporate Social Responsibility, now comes the difficult part of writing it up and pitching it, so if you know anyone that might be interested, please do send us their details.


The winner’s and inaugural champions – Les Bleus!

Thank you to everyone that contributed to making this event a success.

Special mention goes to the wives of runners, who prove that behind every great runner there is a great wife that sacrifices and volunteers to help the common goal be reached, we were fortunate to meet two such lovely ladies (3 including my wife).

#SYQ8 #4forfitness #raiseawareness #Kuwait #healthy #physical #active #sports #Fitness #exercise #foreverfitq8 #freefitness #Running #Mindovermatter #yourhealthmatters #healthyq8 #tiretodaybettertomorrow #buildothersup #4awareness #4teams4health

The champions!

Russel Peters NOT coming to Kuwait @vibrantinco @therealrussellp

*At least not officially*

Social media in Kuwait has been abuzz with the news that Russel Peters, the Red, White & Brown star that gives new meaning to self-deprecating, is coming to Kuwait:

Russel Peters In Kuwait

However, being someone who is skeptical by virtue of my profession, and judging by the amendment on the poster above (which quite frankly does seem a tad tacky even if it is meant to be a gesture of comedy), I took to the internet to check the comedian’s official schedule. Lo and behold:


As you can see, Kuwait is no where to be seen.

A few explanations come to mind, each worse than the next; either that Kuwait has yet to be updated on the official schedule, or that it did not warrant mention on the official tour as it is viewed as a pit stop before UAE.

Now, it seems pertinent to remind people that the organizers are the same as those that promised to bring Black Theama to Kuwait back in June, the event was postponed to August.

Since I got my refund back from the last event, I went ahead and booked tickets for this one as well, but I am not holding my breath.


since the posting of this post, the website has now been amended to show Kuwait dates.

Grand Mosque prayer timing 2015


See you at 12:00AM.

اللهم بلغنا ليلة القدر ايمانا واحتسابا.

Spotting Phone Spammers – a Quick how to @ZainKuwait @AlMullaExchange

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who work honestly, and those who honestly are not working.

The latter tend to overshadow the former, and lead to such things as the get-rich quick and pyramid i.e. ponzie schemes.

As the saying goes, a fool and his money are quickly separated, and the easiest way to get a fool to part ways with his money is with the promise of more money.

There is a number in the UAE, I cannot recall it exactly, that calls you in Kuwait and claims to be from Zain, stating that you have won KD 20,000. They then give you a number to call in Kuwait to claim your prize.

This number called my dad, and he asked me to investigate.

To do so, I simply plugged the number into TruCaller, and voila, it was listed as “Scam Kuwait Dubai”.

Apparently what happens is the person will ask you to go to Al Mulla Exchange and transfer an amount to an account as “processing fees”, then you get nothing.

If you ask me, Zain and Al-Mulla should definitely go public and say that they are not affiliated with this scammer, who incidently is using an Ooredoo line.

The hidden pitfalls of Austrian Schengen Application in Kuwait

If you plan on traveling to Vienna, read this:

As a rule of thumb, the majority of Euro Nations have outsourced their visa procedures to outside agents in Kuwait. This reduces the traffic at embassies an ensures smooth sailing for all concerned.

Today my wife and I applied for the Schengen – Austria. Being someone in the field of reviewing processes and procedures, I felt the process could use a bit of sprucing.

The embassy website reads:


Visa applications require appointments scheduled in advance: online appointment

This does not mention that the appointment is at the embassy itself, in addition once the registration steps are completed (which are long and separate for each application – passport number, expiry date etc.), no confirmation email is sent. The confirmation page that appears with the passport details of the applicants does not mention that the appointment is at the embassy either.

The website then mentions cooperation with VFS Global, in bold. this captures peoples attention immediately, even the fact that their location is put in bold on the website and no address is shown for the embassy makes people focus on the address of the agent, not the embassy – ergo emboldening the assumption that all appointments are at the agent.

The next major headline is “Nationals of Kuwait and Bahrain require a valid visa or a residence permit to travel to Austria.”, which leads readers to believe that all the information following pertains to nationals of Kuwait and Bahrain.

It is only in the 10th paragragh that you discover that appointments can also be made at the embassy, but who has the time (or patience) to read all that?

  • The office hours of the visa section of the embassy are from Sunday to Thursday, from 09:00 to 13:00.
  • You need to book an appointment in advance. Please click online appointment
However, there is also a repitition of the online appointment line, which is confusing. 
The website does not state directly the cost of the visa; if it had stated that there are two methods of paying – one at the embassy (KD 20) and one at the agency (KD 29.25), people would understand that there is a choice to be made regarding the location where you wish to go.
In the end, I missed my appointment at the embassy and had to pay an extra 18.5KD to process our papers at the agent; further, the agent refused to accept papers that were printed on both sides (hotel and flight confirmation) despite this being the general direction that all human beings looking to “go green” are doing, printing on both sides of the paper.
Now I am no average joe when it comes to applications; for example, despite it not being mentioned, I printed our marriage certificate as a precaution because my wife did not yet open a bank account, in addition to providing her salary cheques (which they asked for), they then asked for the marriage certificate.
So, the website could use a serious update.

NES Gala 2015 – a 13 year trip down Memory Lane

If someone were to tell me, 13 years ago (17 if you take it from the start date of my journey to high-school) that I would be sitting in the hall of the New English School watching my relative perform on stage, I would have taken you to the school nurse for possibly ingesting hallucinogens.

Last night, I had the opportunity to take a much needed, self-reflective trip to NES to watch the talents of 2015 capture the collective attention of the audience through the masterful handling of their instruments.


Walking through the gates, my heart skipped a beat. It is amazing how so much time could have passed and yet so little has changed. Upon initial passage, the first change is that the seating area on the left is now occupied by rows of lockers, and the water fountains on the right were “replaced” of sorts by one HUGE water fountain, built-in.

The hall from the first staircase, which I remember vividly as the examination hall, has either shrunk or my tired eyes no longer remember it – 13 years ago it seemed as though it were massive – stretching 20 students in all directions from the middle.. I still recall how during one exam my table was squeaking, and how Mr. Straney propped it up with blue tack.


Everyone stood for the playing of the national anthem, afterwhich the students took to the stage for their renditions of pieces made famous throughout history. As I looked casually to my left I spotted a familiar nikon camera behind a white mane and beard. To say that my eyes bulged at the sight would be an understatement; my jaw dropped and I was literally flabbergasted. Could it be, Mr. Johnson? The Biology teacher from 17 years ago? My relative confirmed this, and my expression changed to that of awe; for how little things had changed.


It seems that when English schools began trickling into Kuwait, there was a meeting of all of the Heads in which they agreed that the four houses in any school would follow the Google Chrome color scheme (which leads me to believe that time travelers walk amongst us since Google, much less Google Chrome, did not exist back then in the 19-God-Knows-When) of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue (stated in the order of the limerick – R(ed)oy O(range)f Y(ellow)ork G(reen)ave B(lue)attle I(ndigo)n V(iolet)ain). Each school was given the autonomy to name the houses as they please; The English School decided to go by naming them after famous castles in the UK – Windsor (my house), Balmoral, Buckingham and Sandringham which if memory serves followed the following color scheme – Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. We moved to NES and suddenly the houses were named after Kuwaiti Islands – which was very confusing indeed! Now they have taken on a further metamorphosis, to what I can only assume is cooler islands (without reverting to Google for clarification).

[editors note: old habit got the best of me, and I Googled the 4 houses only to realize its still the islands of Kuwait but with different names – most likely Greek]


The program was simply amazing with plenty a mirthful anecdote interjected to keep the mood light and jovial. The music was a delightful harmony of classic and modern, with songs that predate me as well as those that were released recently (fortunately I could sing along to a few – like Yesterday and All of Me although the first was a bit off which can be attributed to the intended pianist not making an appearance).

Given the number of ukeleles present, as well as guitars, it would seem pertinent to assume that they were being handed out to students as they entered school premises. The rest, their talent, being up to them.

The idea of requesting students to mentor other, younger students was by far one of the best things I heard that day, so much so I wished it were true 17 years ago, maybe it would have plucked the musical string within.

All in all, it was a truly delightful experience.

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