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Clickbaiting – How to not get Reeled in

In this digital world of 0’s and 1’s, the English language is ever evolving and adding new words to its already burgeoning lexicon.

Take for example clickbaiting.

Which is as the name suggests:


Clickbaiting is the process by which a title appears on your newsfeed, or on a page you are reading, that draws your attention to the point where you must click it to find out.

To put it into perspective, the following represents the Harry Potter series titles if they were told as clickbait ads:

  • Crazy But True… This Man Will Do ANYTHING To Live Forever!
  • You Won’t Believe This Bathroom’s Incredible Secret
  • How Did One Man Escape Azkaban? The Answer Will Blow Your Mind
  • Uh-Oh! Here’s One Enchanted Goblet Mixup You CAN’T Miss
  • These Kids’ Reactions To Their New Teacher’s Rules Is Inspiring
  • Is It Cheating? One Student’s Trick To Acing Potions Class
  • 7 Objects You Didn’t Know Contained Pieces Of The Dark Lord’s Soul

Now, there are two types of clickbait – benign and malicious. Some websites that employ clickbait style titles do so to drive up readership (and in turn ad revenue). Others however harbor malicious code that once clicked puts your identity in jeopardy, as well as your financial information.

Word to the wise; if you absolutely must find out something that appears as a clickbait title, Google it first (the title), if the article is worthwhile you will find it on several sources, if it appears only in one place, that should raise a red flag as to its dubiousness.

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