Take Back Kuwait – Name & Shame

Over the past few years, the population of Kuwait has become more desensitized toward being law abiding citizens, and it has become a regular occurrence to find them “cutting corners”, from running a red light, to making illegal u-turns, to parking in the spots reserved for the handicapped, to littering.

I believe that there is no such thing as a petty crime, only petty minds. There are certain cases where it is clear cut case of right vs wrong, and in those cases, the book must be thrown at the offenders to ensure that their anti-social behavior is not depicted as the norm and repeated as necessary.

How often do you visit a mall on a busy day, scouring the parking lot hoping to find a spot, only to find some inconsiderate person parked in such a manner that occupies two spots? Or the regular occurrence of finding someone without a handicapped sticker parked in the handicapped zones?

It is a true descent from civil behavior, and it needs to stop.

How you wonder?

Bloggers I answer.

Blogs should be used to name and shame the offenders who litter, or those who cruise the 2nd Ring Road/ Gulf Road in search of “Chicks”, or those who double park etc. Snap a picture, post it to your blog, let people know that this sort of behavior is NOT acceptable.

The government does it for repeat offenders, companies do it for bad cheques, it is time the people of Kuwait did it to move beyond the perceived small nuances that in actual fact build up to damage the reputation of this State.

Starting now.

The Police are doing their best to bring these people to justice, maybe one day the pictures bloggers take and post can be used as evidence to fine offenders and bring safety and tranquility to life in Kuwait once more.

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