Talking to Yourself – a Sign of Genius

Science has discovered that the animated discussions we hold with ourselves are serving to make us smarter.

Talking to yourself makes you smarter


This tidbit of news came as an amazing revelation for myself, for I constantly hold animated dialogues with myself.

It all started back in university as a studying mechanism, I would recite to myse lf and point out the gist of the info that I should focus on, hammering it into my psyche with a funny anecdote or so.

This was further exacerbated as soon as I took up running as a hobby, whereby I would motivate myself with the occasional “COME ON!” or “YOU GO CHAMP!” whilst running, much to the chagrin and befuddlement of everyone around me at the time!

Fastforward to yesterday, whilst visiting the lavatory at work, I chose to hold an animated discussion with my mirror self, talking about the upcoming weekend etc.

Hi Me!

A colleague walks in and looks bewildered as to the fact that he heard discussion from the outside and only found one solitary person in the bathroom.

As soon as he left, I aimed to celebrate my stupidity by throwing my arms outward in a victorious motion, as if I were running an invisible marathon and just about to cross the finish line.

As always, I was a tad too eager in the “throwing part” and misjudged the distance between my finger tips and a pillar near the mirror.


SMACK! The tip of my index finger ran into the pillar at hyper speed.

Pain beyond pain. I was squealing in agony, out loud of course.

Later I realized that the only thing hurt was my pride.

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