Teachers Never Change

Teachers, the unsung heroes shaping future generations into the icons they will become tomorrow, from Doctors to Rocket Scientists and everything in between.

Teachers can be bearers of gifts, not only do we have the privilege of introducing great literature to young imaginative minds, but we also have the priceless opportunity of giving each child the gift of believing in him or herself.

So little is done to show true appreciation to the efforts exerted by these individuals. The act of teaching in itself is thoroughly instilled within us via the age old adage of “give a man a fish, teach a man to fish”, and yet no mention is made as to the difficultly of the education procedure.

Teachers have class

2 weeks ago, whilst on my weekly scheduled Friday morning run with the Q8FootSoldiers at Marina Crescent, as I was concentrating on my breathing and placing one foot before the other, I saw someone. The sight of them bore a heart warming familiarity as if I’d met them previously. Being good with names, I immediately knew who I thought they were, however by the time I had had the conversation with myself as to whether or not I should approach said person, we had already grown farther apart.

A Teacher is a compass that activates the magnet of curiosity, knowledge & wisdom in the pupils.

I dismissed the incident as a hallucination and went about my task, not sharing what I thought I saw with anyone.

Last week however, our paths crossed yet again, and this time curiosity got the better of me as I came to a screeching halt, walked back and inquired whether or not this individual was in fact the person I thought they were.

Education is not the filling of a pale but the lighting of a fire

Sure enough, it was indeed.

The reason I remember Ms. Ainsley, whom I last remember seeing in 1994/1995 was simple: she was my teacher.

During that time I was enrolled in The English School, and the school had its annual trip to Morgins, Switzerland. The reason I remember this specific teacher is because at the time, she was one of the two chaperon’s on that trip. The chaperon’s had a rule, every day in the early morning we were expected to shower and be ready for the day’s activities. I was one of the guys who had never seen snow before, ever, to that trip (and surprisingly again till this very day). The idea of showering prior to stepping out into cold snow seemed preposterous at the time! Hence, the guys attempted to “trick” the teachers by merely washing our hair and pretending to have showered.

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.

Little did we realize our ruse was soon to be discovered by Ms. Ainsley, her exact words on our last few days were, “go and shower, I will not have you returning to your parents smelling like garbage”, and sure enough, she would be waiting outside the bathroom to ensure we had showered.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

With that being said, the following teachers had also played an instrumental role in my upbringing, and as we can never forget our parents, I can never forget:

From The English School:

– Mr. Errington (Head Master)

– Mrs. Jenny Thorpe/Young (Secretary) (met her almost 4 years ago at the TES Spring Bazaar)

– Ms. Lucy Martin (Music – Form Teacher)

– Mrs. Parsons (Geography – Form teacher)

– Mrs. Hubbard (Math)

– Mrs. Betridge (Biology – Form Teacher)

– Mr. Norrish (History)

– Ms. Holloway (English)

– Madame Namet (French)

– Mrs. McClooney (Form teacher)

– Mr. Harris Jones (IT – Form teacher)

– Mrs. Hind (Arabic – RE)

– Ms. Kimberly Williams (PE)

– Mrs. Richards (Chemistry)

– Ms. Straw (Art)

From the New English School:

Mr. Irving (Geography)

Mr. Erwin (IT – 8X Form Teacher)

Ms. Jill/ Mr. Davies (Physics)

Mr. Gunning/ Mr. Straney/ Dr. Mallick (Chemistry)

Mr. Sheldon (Biology)

Mr. Nisbit/ Mr. Moxley/ Ms. Howard (Math)

Mrs. Russ (Head of Year)

Mr. Tathem (Accounting)

Mr. Lardner (History)

Mr. Pine/ Ms. Chambers (English)

Mrs. McGlinchey (French)

Mr. Hashem/ Mr. Mohammed Ziad/ Mr. Shaher (Arabic)

Some names have been forgotten however their faces are forever etched in memory.

A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.

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