Tell me the Size of your Thighs

The world is a much darker place for children nowadays, with the emergence of the latest “Hollywood Fad” of weightlessness and near-anorexic looks.

All Social Media has erupted with talks of the size of the gap between ones thighs being a new measure of the oh-so-desired-yet-extremely-elusive physique.

All of this is directly attributed, in part, to British model Cara Delevingne, whose appearance on several magazines has sparked the dangerous trend:

if this is beauty, please count me out


I mean, does anyone remember the scandal involving Victoria’s Secret model and her disappearing thighs? Thank you Photoshop:

One word: Unnatural

One word: Unnatural

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When you have people going on social media and sharing such sayings as, “”Together we can be a size zero with a beautiful thigh gap and flat stomach. Together we can be happy and finally say that we love our bodies,” that is a cause for concern.

The problem is we live in an age with impressionable teenagers with raging hormones being bombarded with the media’s twisted view on beauty. Whereas before you could easily regulate what your children could/could not see via TV, the internet unleashed a whole other Pandora’s Box upon their fragile minds.

What is comical about this is for guys, especially those hoping to escape Military duty in the land of the pharoahs, having thighs that stick together was always much sought after, despite it being completely out of your hands as it depends largely in part upon your bone structure, and not your fat content.

Here is hoping the world comes to its senses when it comes to body image.

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