Terror at the Treadmill

Health activists have concurred that the most effective way to lose weight is not merely through diet, but through a regiment of diet AND exercise.

Exercise is split into three groups, depending on your stamina and endurance. There is Weight Training, Cardio & Aerobics.

Most people are asked to start off with a bit of light weight training, to warm up and loosen the muscles, before upping the ante and using more weights, further warming them up and kick starting their metabolism, followed by a round at the cardio area.

Now, it is my expert opinion that one should not bite off more than they can chew.

Health activists have also concurred that when using Cardio machines and bracing yourself with your arms i.e. by holding down on the sides, that you are sabotaging your work out.

So imagine the sheer idiocy behind those who set the treadmill at Mach speed, then hold on to the sides, their top half relatives stable, whilst their lower half is furiously slapping away at the machine.

Truth be told, the scenario reminds me of a sugar hyped baby in a walker, much like this:

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) gives you the best results, that is where you alternate the speed at which you run, but by holding down on the sides, you are burning less than you would if you were not, much like free weights and weight machines.

So please, for future reference, no more silly stunts at the treadmill.

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