Terrorist Training Camp

By now everyone must have read about the pair picked up @ JFK airport, Mohamed Alessa, 20, and Carlos Almonte, 24, from New Jersey, who were on their way to Cairo, to slip into Sudan, to join Al-Shabab (translation: the teens), a terrorist group as per US policy.

The pair had knives, and no apparent sophistication.

FYI both were bearded.

How to be a terrorist? As the BBC article says:

 Prosecutors said the men, arrested on Saturday at New York’s JFK International Airport, prepared for the alleged attacks on US troops by lifting weights, playing violent video games and watching terrorist videos online.

So, if you work out, play Call of Duty, and watch, well, the News, as it seems that all that the media broadcasts is terrorist-related, you are a terrorist.

Turn yourself in, resistance is futile!

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