Thanking the Artistically Talented

They say that the greatest gift in life is to be able to give gifts to others in life; these gifts can come in various shapes and forms – they need not be tangible for the greatest effect a gift has is the feelings it inspires within you.

Hence, MyBloogle would like to take the opportunity to thank one Cristian Craita (@Ccraitza), a fellow runner and dear friend, for his redesign of the MyBloogle logo; and we apologize in advance for any butchering of your artwork as a result of refitting, transparency inducing etc! I admit, I am in no way, shape or form an artiste of Photoshop; my skills reside in online research and writing alone unfortunately.

We also would like to wish you the best of luck for your journey this Thursday; for those of you that did not know not only is Cristian a runner, he is one of the elite chosen to participate in the Run Kuwait event; a test of determination and fortitude, 240KM Ultra Marathon over a span of 3 days, from Kuwait’s Northern border to the South.

Good luck and God speed Cristian.

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