On the Go – The Scenic Alexandria Audit Run

The Q8FootSoldiers go international!

Wherever an assignment takes me, I make it a rule to always go on scenic run of the city, including where the office is located and my usual morning walking route to get there.

I always carry my “Fit Kit” on assignments; it is ultra light and therefore not a burden to carry around, and it helps keep one in shape when “on the run” (pardon the pun!)

the Fit Kit is quite simply a pair of shorts, a running shirt, a bandana, a pair of socks and my minimalist running shoes (less bulky when carried in a suitcase).

More on that later, for now, enjoy the scenery of the Alexandrian Shoreline!

When I started this run, I came across many another runner, and there is nothing more fleeting, or precious, in this world than the momentary show of support exchanged between two runners; strangers in the real world but comrades on foot.


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