@Cinescapeq8 and the Family Seating Fiasco

The cinema is a wonderful place to be; so many movies have an added taste when viewed on the big screen.

However, thanks to the archaic laws of Cinescape Kuwait (KNCC), the art of enjoyment is thoroughly lacking.

I am talking about their segregated seating policy.

Don’t get me wrong; I am aware we are in a Muslim country that dictates certain decorum, however, in its essence, this rule is outdated at best.

However, assuming that families really do want their privacy, IT SHOULD NOT BE FROM OTHER FAMILIES!

Case in point, yesterday I decided to take my wife to the movies, as always I book my tickets in advance to select my seat and save me a buttload of hassle. Having been going to the cinema as a bachelor for a long time I felt a sense of entitlement to finally book seats in the family section. That would not transpire however because of this:

stupidity of cinescape


“You must have atleast two vacant seats beside your seat in the family section”

what kind of stupid, moronic rule is that?! As you can see, there is a stalemate in the family section in this particular screen because once you select the middle seats, the entire row is closed off. If that is the case, and the entire point of the family section is to allow ONE FAMILY (of 2) to occupy an entire row all unto themselves, then by all means, go ahead and keep the stupid rule.

However, if your aim is to sell tickets, then this is by far the most detrimentally moronic rule I have ever come across, and I know a thing or two about moronic rules.

Many a time, actually, every time I try to book a ticket since I became a “family man”, I have been forced to select seats in the bachelor section, due largely in part to the stupidity of the rule above whereby my selection of seating would be extremely limited.

Not saying that there is anything wrong with sitting with bachelors, however, families tend to be quieter.

KNCC really need to get their act together and update this rule.

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